About Us

Who we are

ISISA is a Xhosa word, which means ‘to give freely’…

ISISA was founded by Candor.com in 1996 as a non-profit charity organization portal to procure national and international support from those in need. It was Candor.com’s pilot test site for its own Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and credit card transaction technology.

ISISA Achievement Awards

A South African based website for charities, ISISA received the highest rating for Websites of excellence by local Internet Service Provider, IAFRICA and is a Net Guide Gold Site award winner

Corporate Sponsorship Campaign

Welcome to the time of Community Fundraising Building!

Online Communities are the latest buzzword. Call them “portals.” Call them ” sticky sites.” Call them what you will. Online communities are focal points of interest and potential centres of influence in the online world.

Candor.com’s executive board has made a decision to find a corporate sponsor/s for www.isisa.co.za this revolutionary charity portal. Candor.com’s chairman, Dietmar Frey says, ” ISISA is a project that has remained close to our hearts and its unfortunate that it hasn’t reached its full potential, although there are some charities that have benefited from the portal, it hasn’t yielded the expected returns. We have invested vast amounts of resources and time over the last 4 years into this project and the board has now given management a mandate to find a corporate sponsor/s for the portal.”

The overwhelming response to Hurricane Mitch, the war in the Balkans, the earthquake in Turkey and the recent floods in Mozambique are just a few examples of global events that have sparked generous offers of help from people around the world. Relief agencies are receiving a growing portion of their donorship online.

ISISA has the potential to revolutionise philanthropy: By creating Web-based services for companies, nonprofits and individuals that make charitable giving quick, easy and a part of daily life. In offering a direct donation ability, ISISA aims to ultimately provide a searchable database of information about every non-profit in South Africa and current global disasters. ISISA will revolutionise charitable giving by providing extensive, user-friendly services that connect people and their resources to causes that matter. ISISA has the ideas and services that channel your compassion into action.

ISISA’s Commitment

To demonstrate ISISA’s commitment to increasing the funds raised for non-profits we want to give 100% of contributions raised through direct donations selected by the donors, with the exception of any credit card bank charges only being a mere 2 / 3% as soon as we have a Corporate Sponsor onboard.

How you can help

  1. Click on the category you wish to support. Your monetary contribution can be received by a number of means.
  2. Become a Sponsor of the ISISA website, click on the Sponsorship Proposal and see what benefits your company can derive from being associated with ISISA.

Ways of contributing

We offer a secure (and insecure) link for credit card transactions as well as a form that can be printed, completed and returned by fax.

Contact us
ISISA Sponsorship Liaison
Tel: (021) 790 7182
Fax: (021) 790 7184
Email: isisa@isisa.co.za